Contractor Bonds and General Liability Insurance

Mainline Insurance services, Inc. includes service for surety bonds. Surety bonds for contractors are among the most popular bonds written by our office. We have special relationships with many of the top Bond surety companies and we continue to build our portfolio. We also are able to find great bid bond and completion, payment bonds for our clients. No bond is too large or too small. We write just about any type of bond, janitorial, employee dishonesty, contractor license, insurance broker, real-estate, city bond, etc.

All information above is used to determine your quote. Mainline Insurance will not give, trade or sell any of the information you have provided to any individual or company for the purpose of profit or gain.

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Remodeler/Room Addition Contractor in San Diego, CA
2 Years, $12,500 Contractors Bond
Only $206
Painting Contractor in Contra Costa, CA
1 Year, $12,500 Contractors Bond
Only $143
Roofing Contractor in San Francisco, CA
2 Years, $12,500 Contractors Bond
Only $350
Landscaper Contractor in Eureka, CA
3 Years, $12,500 Contractors Bond
Only $257
Plumbing Contractor in Los Angeles, CA
2 Years, $12,500 Contractors Bond
Only $206

* All sample quotes are based on excellent personal/company credit scores. Prices vary for different situations. Contact your insurance agent for a formal quote.

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