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If you’re working or considering working as a contractor, that’s great, you’ll have more flexibility over your own schedule and projects. However, it’s important to take into consideration the insurance requirements that will protect you against liability should any accidents happen in San Diego.

Many contractors seldom prepare for accidents, but opportunities for injury or damage often occur when it’s least expected. Contractor’s insurance will protect you against lawsuit of other damage. There are several types of insurance policies that can be customized to protect against the risks associated with each different profession. Usually if an accident should occur, the contractor will be able to pay a deductible and request for the insurance company to financially assist with the damages.

So what are the different kinds of damages an insurance company covers? One of the most common areas that most insurance policies cover is structural damage. Many contractors often go into clients’ or customers’ home to work on construction projects, which the risks of damages are relatively high. For example if a contractor were to swing a hammer and accidentally break something inside the house, the insurance company will typically pay to repair or replace the item that was damaged. Some insurance policies will also call this Builders Risk and Course of Construction insurance. If a contractor if working on a job that requires funding, many lenders will require this insurance to be mandatory before the contractor can start on the job.

Depending on your industry and line of profession, it may also be wise to consider tools and equipment insurance. Hand tools valued below $1,000 are generally not covered by most insurance policies. However if your tools are valued over $1,000 each piece, it may be worthwhile to note that to your insurance company and check what types of comprehensive plans will ensure that your tools will be covered in case of breakage or malfunction. Such tools usually include larger power tools and equipments that may include nail guns, generators, welders, and other pieces of expensive equipment related to your industry in San Diego.

Another common aspect which most insurance policy covers is injury during the job whether its personal injury or injury to another person. Many times the injuries are inadvertent and difficult to prevent. For example if the contractor is working on the roof of the house and a piece of equipment accidentally drops and hits a person walking by, the liability insurance will help pay for the medical expenses of the person involved in the accident. If the injured person decides to file a lawsuit against the contractor, an insurance policy could also help pay for legal costs and additional damages.

If you work with other contractors on the job or decide to sub-contract a job, it’s also important to consider worker’s compensation insurance. This type of insurance will help cover some or all of the cost of medical costs and portions of lost wages for an employee who may become ill or injured during work. Such insurance policies will help safeguard your finances if a medical expense for an employee proves to be costly in the long run.

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