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General Liability Insurance is one of the most common coverage that an insurance company will be able to provide to your company and its assets. Obligations such as medical costs are one of the most common factors in case of accidental injury of yourself, your coworkers, or other persons involved. This type of insurance will cover the cost of legal assistance, settlement or award if your company is being sued. Compensatory damages, non-monetary losses suffered by the injured person, and punitive damages are some of the most common claims in the field of contractors in San Diego.

Many contractors are wary of general liability insurance and believe that accidents can be avoided if they are extra careful. However many of these accidents that occur are unforeseen and often so sudden that it cannot be avoided. Usually general liability insurance is relatively low cost investments, annual premiums can range from $750 to $2,000 depending on your industry and different coverage needs. Such premiums may be worthwhile paying compared to paying several thousands of dollars or more you may need to pay if the incident sis brought to court.

Although general liability insurance can be purchased on its own, many policy holders bundle their liability insurance with their Business Owner’s Policy to combine their liability and property insurance together. Important aspects of general liability insurance will depend on your needed coverage. The type of business you are operating and the associated risks are taken into consideration when you decide to purchase general liability insurance. For example, contractors working with heavy machinery will generally need a more comprehensive liability insurance plan as opposed to general contractors working with only wrenches. Another aspect that is taken into consideration is the location of your business. Some states tend to award more in damages to individuals claiming personal injury than other states such as in San Diego, California. You may want to consult with an insurance agent or expert that will be able to plan an insurance policy according to your needs and business functions.

So how does a general liability insurance plan usually work? Although each liability plan can be different, usually a general liability policy will outline the maximum amount that an insurance company will pay against a liability claim. For example, if your general liability insurance covers a maximum of $500,000 and your business is getting sued for $600,000 in punitive damages along with legal fees, you are responsible for paying the $100,000 difference should you lose the case in court.

If you believe that your company is on the higher end of risk, you may want to consider extending your policy with excess or umbrella insurance that will increase your coverage limits in. This type of insurance is usually purchased in situations that contractors are in high risk industries and the existing liability insurance may not cover all costs should an individual decide to sue you or the company. Sometimes a client contract will require that your business purchase umbrella insurance in addition to your general liability before any work is performed on the property in San Diego.

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