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It is important to consider contractor’s pollution liability insurance if a contracting business is centered around environmental or remedial work through your industry. Such pollution liability insurance usually provides coverage for yourself and third parties should any bodily injury, property damage, defense or clean up costs occur as a result of pollution conditions occurring from contract operations. These conditions could be sudden or accidental and gradual so it may be hard to forecast. Typically pollution liability is required for a contract job due to contractual agreements, asset protection and loss events. It is important to take into consideration the type of industry your contracting job is in as there are different kinds of pollution liability policies you will need to consider before starting on the job in San Diego.

One of most common pollution liability coverage includes mold coverage and liability. Depending on your line of business, you or your coworkers may be exposed to mold at some point during your contract job. If your business deals with a high exposure to mold, such as roofing, residential, drywall contracting jobs, it may be necessary to purchase pollution liability in addition to completing the appropriate training and prevention guidelines. In addition if your contracting job handles a high exposure of mold, your client or customer should also be taken into consideration. For example, if your contracting job is located at an elder care facility or convalescent home, many of their patrons have suppressed immune systems that put them at a higher risk of mold exposure and infection. Thus it may be wise to include mold protection in your pollution liability coverage if your line of work is centered on mold removal or high exposures to mold levels.

Many general contractors work involve naturally occurring hazardous substances that include asbestos, mercury, arsenic, radon, and pyrite that could lead to adverse ill health effects. There have been cases of lawsuits against contractors stemming from a third party exposure to hazardous substance, most notably asbestos as it was used years ago for insulating piping, ceiling and floor tiles. Many contractors’ pollution liability insurance excludes naturally occurring hazardous substance so it is important that you check your policy and consult with your insurance agent if your line of work could potentially deal with these hazards.

Another common pollution liability includes chemical fumes induced by your equipment or services. For example, welding fumes seems to be one of the most prevalent in the contracting industry in San Diego. Long exposure to chemical fumes can cause ill health problems for yourself, your workers, or third parties so it is important that you consult with your insurance agent to ensure that you are covered should any lawsuit arrive. It is crucial to note that ill health effects do not always occur immediately; sometimes sickness will occur over a span of time after being exposed to the chemical fumes and could take awhile before an ill health effects fully take control.

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