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Insurance Bonds For The Everyday Professional


Find The Right Bond For Your Needs

Depending on the type of bond you’re looking for,  we can help! We are expert
at contractor’s license bonds, contract bond, payment and performance bonds,
and employee LLC bonds. We have access to most direct bond markets and have
built strong relationships with them. This is really where our value shines.
We want you to take advantage of our relationship with the surety’s for your
companies benefit.

Bonds Designed To Fit Your Company

No bond is too large or too small. We write just about any type of bond,
janitorial, employee dishonesty, contractor license, insurance broker,
real-estate, city bond, etc.

All information above is used to determine your quote. Mainline Insurance
will not give, trade or sell any of the information you have provided to any
individual or company for the purpose of profit or gain. We consider
security a top priority when working with sensitive information, our
security has been solid since our inception and invest fat stacks into
maintaining the highest levels of security.

How Do Insurance Bonds Work?

Simply put a bond is a method of having a company vouch for you. If you mess
up on a job, a surety might, depending on the obligee, pay out the total for
the damages. They pay out when you financially harm another person, be in a
customer or even an employee according to state law. You can learn more
about this in the California Business and Professions Code. The bonding
company does not  want to pay out if they don’t have to, so an
investigation will take place before any fault is reached. That’s good for
you because you don’t want your bond triggered, ever.

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