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I need Insurance For My Business... How Does It Work?

Every business should have certain insurance policies in force to cover them in the event a potentially catastrophic event should occur.  Whether you’re a plumber, electrician, General Contractor, coffee shop owner, brewery owner or retail shop, General Liability insurance is the foundation you should build your coverage off of.  Once you decide that obtaining this coverage is a good idea, it’s time to find a licensed, experienced insurance broker who focuses SPECIFICALLY on business insurance.  That’s where Mainline Insurance can help.  First, we analyze your business inside and out.  We ask you what your anticipated annual sales, payroll and subcontracting costs (if any) are for the next year.  Then we cover what operations your business will perform (amongst other things).  Information is sent to several insurance companies who decide what they want to propose, and we then present to you!  Mainline Insurance typically has 3 or more options ofr your to choose from, all the while helping you make the best decision possible for your current situation.  The goal is understood:  The besty coverage Available at the most affordable pricing possible.

What is Covered?

Each policy is different for every company.  You can be a roofing contractor who only does residential reroofs and have a certain policy set up for those specific operations, and then you can be the roofer who takes on the huge commercial AND residential jobs.  Mainline Insurance analyzes your business down to the very minute detail and offers the best 3 options.  We know the business sphere inside and out.  This ultimately helps your bottom line and allows you to earn the most from every project you do.  If you aren’t a contractor, our knowledge helps keep overhead costs to the very minimum.

How Much Does My Policy Cover?

What you're really asking your commercial insurance agent is, "What are my policy limits?" A limit is the total amount your policy can pay out. There are two limits for General Liability policies:  



  1. Aggregate limit is the most your policy will pay in a single year for all claims.
  2. Occurrence limit is the amount your policy can pay for any single claim.
Is It Expensive?

This is the question that is asked most often.  Most business owners believe that their $2,000,000 insurance policy is going to break the bank.  Workers Compensation has a deeply negative stigma regarding the costs associated with this coverage.  Our job at Mainline Insurance is to help put business owners at ease when it comes to these needs.  As mentioned earlier, each policy is custom tailored to each business owners needs.  Some insurance policies will be more expensive than others based on individual needs. Let Mainline Insurance analyze your business and help suggest the best options for you.

How Fast Can I get it done?

Each situation is different.  Some policies can be done the same day.  Sometimes even within 10 minutes! Others require a little more time.  Our licensed insurance professionals will know the forecast for your insurance policy and can let you know when coverage for your business can begin.

Do I have to Pay it All At Once?

The straight answer is no.  You can choose to pay for your insurance policy in full for the year or you can finance the policy.  Mainline Insurance has built a great relationship with our finance company and have the capability in offering fantastic financing options that can suit your needs.

What Happens When It Comes Up For Renewal?

Business insurance policies typically have a 12 month life span, and Mainline Insurance does it due diligence in shopping your rate aggressively prior to your expiration date ensuring your satisfaction in  price and coverage.  Our licensed insurance brokers do a complete re analyzation of your business’s figures and make sure we blanket the market and offer the best rates possible.  Sometimes an insurance broker can get caught allowing a policy to auto renew every year without tending to the needs pf their customer.  Mainline Insurance aggressively keeps their insurance carriers on their toes.  This is always in the benefit of our customers.

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