Professional E & O

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Professional Liability Insurance – Errors and Omissions – Medical
Malpractice – E&O – Professional Indemnity Insurance

These are all forms of liability insurance that are intended to protect professionals who give professional advice and/or guidance. You know how it is, a client messes up and they are looking to point fingers at everyone and everything. We, as professionals, are on the firing line. We talked to them, help get them on the path to success, and something goes wrong. Now, they are blaming the insurance company, you and everyone else that might have money or insurance!

If you’re a lawyer, insurance agent, architect, contractor, interior designer, medical provider, accountant or a consultant in any capacity. You’re going to need protection for defense, and indemnity.

We have policies with legal inside or outside the limit(s). Many people purchase this type of insurance because they are required to by contract. Others are looking to protect their interests and look at it as an added layer of protection for themselves and those they serve. Whatever the reason you might be purchasing E&O, Mainline Insurance Services, Inc. has access to almost every carrier and more importantly the knowledge and relationships to ensure a great value.

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