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Mainline Insurance provides a business to business partnership with CEO’s, sole owners and partnerships that focuses on identifying potential company exposures and remedying them through various insurance policies.

The Mainline Insurance Difference

Businesses experience a level of partnership with Mainline Insurance that is very different than other insurance broker relationships…


Our brokers are licensed, experienced, and educated SPECIFICALLY in the business insurance realm.


We impartially compare various insurance solutions and avoid pushing programs that internally; require annual quotas being met.


We understand the insurance requirements set forth by the vendors our clients work for.


We undoubtedly have the fastest, most professional, polite, and responsible customer service system and staff. Nothing gets past our team and this provides the peace of mind our customers desire.

Get an Instant Insurance Quote Today. We will do all the shopping and negotiation to get your company best price.

Ex Mod Analysis

An experience modification compares the loss or claims history of one company to all other companies in the same industry that are similar in size. For those businesses that qualify, experience rating is mandatory. Today, more than 110,000 California businesses are experience rated, representing approximately 80% of all the workers’ compensation insurance premiums paid.


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We save you time and money by finding the right coverage to protect you and your company at a price that fits your budget. We look and feel very different from your average contractor’s insurance provider. Our goal is to put your best interest first.


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