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General Liability For Everyone at The Right Price

 General liability insurance in California is probably the most important, yet overlooked insurance policy your business can invest in. Anytime you submit a bid for your services to a potential customer needing work done, they will require you to carry General Liability in California and will ask you for a certificate of insurance (proof of insurance) before consideration.


looking for better/extra services, then Mainline Insurance Services, Inc. is your solution.



If you are a new business looking for an affordable General Liability policy in California, a medium sized business looking for proper coverage, or even a California business looking for better/extra services, then Mainline Insurance Services, Inc. is your solution.

Mainline Insurance Services, Inc. has been in the business for 11 years with one goal in mind, to remove the stress associated with all things insurance. We believe and buy into our simple, four-word motto: “Your local business partner.” We have a true passion for acting as the business owner’s second or even third pair of eyes and ears in the overall back up of your livelihood. Our strategic business alliance with several “A” rated insurance carriers are there for our client’s disposal. We act as an insurance brokerage, which means we look out for your best interest, not the insurance companies. This allows us to work with several carriers and programs available to provide you with the perfect, custom tailored General Liability policy in California for you.



The key to providing our clients with a memorable service experience is having live, real-life CSR’s and licensed insurance brokers on staff that has mastered and understand the ins and outs of a very extensive and detailed General liability policy and its language. What most brokerages fail to understand are the detailed policy exclusions that sometimes limit the client as well as special wording endorsements that can be added to provide extra coverage’s when you need it. The approach is very simple; ensure what is needed. There’s no point paying for insurance on a luxury vehicle when you purchased an economy one! That philosophy is used for your business coverage.

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General Liability Insurance for Your Business


General Liability can protect your business from on-site accidents, as well as any injuries or damages suffered as a result of using your products, goods, or services sold on and off your premises. Liability Insurance protects your business when it is sued for something it may or may not have done to cause personal injury or property damage. Defense costs can also be included inside or outside of your normal limits.

Mainline Insurance can help you find the right General Liability policy in California specifically for you. Not all companies need the same coverage. That’s why we analyze each and every company extensively and precisely in an effort to make you feel at ease knowing that someone cared enough to look out for your best interest. Of course, saving money is always a priority along with making sure your business is covered for all perils that may come about.

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