Workers Compensation

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Workers Compensation

In an economic climate where overhead seems to overwhelm a small business owner almost to the brink of giving up, saving money wherever possible is crucial to a small business owner.  Mainline Insurance Services, Inc. specializes in helping the small business owner find areas of improvement when it comes to their insurance.  Workers compensation insurance is no exception..

We here at Mainline Insurance have seen several unfortunate cases where money could have been saved many years before we had the opportunity in helping our small business owners.  One of the more frustrating instances has been when a business owner could have escaped an overpriced insurance carrier they had for their workers compensation insurance but hadn’t simply because they had been scared into believing they didn’t have options.  Mainline Insurance Services, Inc. has aligned themselves SOLEY in the commercial insurance field.  While all of our licensed insurance brokers have the licensing capabilities to insure any line of insurance, we made the concerted effort to devote 100% of our time to small business insurance.  In doing so, we have created successful relationships with the top insurance carriers to offer workers compensation insurance rates and coverage.

Because of this strategic approach in specializing ONLY in business insurance, we can focus our approach in providing the best workers compensation options for these types of business owners:

  • B licensed Contractors
  • Artisan Contractors (Even tough to place roofers!)
  • Bars/Taverns/Breweries
  • Product Manufacturing companies
  • Trucking
  • Pest Control
  • Marijuana Sales/Distribution/Agriculture

Our approach is simple, let’s work together to tackle an issue and save the most money possible.  If we can help our small business owners save money with a need like workers compensation insurance, our duty has been served.  You can trust that Mainline Insurance will have the knowledge and experience to help you save the most money possible for your workers compensation insurance.  Whether you are a new business owner, an experienced entrepreneur, or anywhere in between, Mainline Insurance can analyze your current worker’s compensation and make sure you are in the best situation possible.  Leave the insurance work to us!

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