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What is Commercial Auto Insurance?

Commercial Auto Insurance helps your business cover the costs resulting from an auto accident if you or an employee is found at fault. Most businesses fall victim to believing that their personal auto insurance policy is the proper type of policy needed to cover these unfortunate circumstances, but this is not the case.

Commercial auto insurance (specifically) will help protect your business for example, if:
You pull out of a construction site and swipe another subcontractor that is parked on the site.
Your employee is involved in an accident while you sent them out for coffee.
The company vehicle that contains all of your tools and equipment is stolen from your garaging address.
Mainline Insurance Service, Inc. focuses specifically on the business owner and their company’s needs. Get a free, no obligation quote for your business auto insurance needs today!

Who needs Commercial Auto Insurance?

As mentioned earlier, business owners need commercial auto insurance. Personal auto insurance policies will not offer adequate coverage. Even if the vehicle being insured is used for regular personal use, commercial auto coverage is the correct type of coverage needed if that vehicle is used for any business use. You may need commercial auto insurance if your business:

  • Uses your personal use auto for business.
  • Has employees who drive their vehicles to conduct business.
  • Needs to satisfy specific insurance requirements to be awarded a job.

Mainline Insurance Services, Inc. has the best option for you!

Policies Specifically Tailored to your needs

Why pay for an insurance policy that offers all the bells and whistles when all you need is bells? Our thought process is simple, do not pay for insurance on a luxury vehicle when you have the economy option. Our experienced team of licensed insurance brokers have a laser focus on commercial business insurance. You can trust that our knowledge will yield amazing results towards your bottom line.

Customer Service at it’s Finest

Customer service is an often overlooked and taken for granted asset. Does the hungry business owner have the time to deal with an automated service for any changes they need made to their commercial auto policy? What happens when you have an accident, and you cant get in contact with your insurance professional? Mainline Insurance Services, Inc. was started by the same type of business owners who know the value of customer support.

Get the extra protection you may or may not know you need

Mainline Insurance Services, Inc. reviews several insurance requirements daily from our contractors who are tasked with satisfying these insurance requirements before they are awarded a job. These items are imperative to a contractor who wants to be awarded the job first. Most of the time, a business owner may not understand the items that are required by a vendor. Mainline Insurance alleviates this problem by taking on the burden and giving you what you need. The following are examples of what you may need to be completed on your commercial auto policy:

Waiver of Subrogation – In the event of an accident caused by a third party, your carrier will cover the loss and pay the insured within the terms of the endorsement and waives its right to subrogate. In other words, this endorsement waives the carriers right to pursue a claim against the third party that caused the accident.

Hired and Non Owned Auto – liability covers bodily injury and property damage caused by a vehicle you hire (including rented or borrowed vehicles) or caused by non-owned vehicles (vehicles owned by others, including vehicles owned by your employees).

Symbol 1 coverage – Symbol 1 makes any auto a covered auto. The insured will have coverage for any auto that is owned, hired, borrowed, or used by the named insured. When symbol 1 is used, there is no need to indicate any other coverage symbol because symbol 1 encompasses all of them. Any auto that the insured acquires during the policy period is automatically covered and need not be reported to the insurance company before the insurer conducts an audit, which is ordinarily at the end of the policy period.

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