Mainline Insurance is the Proud Recipient of the Make More Happen Award

Mainline Insurance and Big Table partnered together to raise $10,000 to help our essential restaurant and hospitality workers. At $250-$500 per recipient, that is 40 individuals helped plus their families.

Never doubt your ability to make an impact on the world around you. We were reminded of that when our very own independent agent, Ramses Hernandez met with Big Table, an incredible non-profit whose mission is to uplift and serve those in the restaurant and food industry. At his first meeting, Hernandez felt inspired and left with a desire to not only be part of the change, but to encourage those around him to take part in the same immeasurable cause. 

While we were advising Big Table on their insurance we also just fell in love with their cause” Ramses Hernandez

Three years later, more than 25% of Mainline agents and employees contribute. Impressively,  Hernandez has served at every single Big Table dinner. 

Mainline is humbled and honored to serve alongside companies such as Liberty Mutual in an effort to ensure that our communities are happy, healthy, and well cared for. Now, more than ever, we are seeing an increased need as many of its members were hit particularly hard during this pandemic.

 In the last year alone, nearly 8 million restaurant workers have lost their jobs. After months of unemployment, they returned with limited hours, reduced tips, and higher risks of contracting Covid-19. A deadly virus that forces many out of work as they quarantine and rest, all while acquiring increased medical costs despite the decline in pay. Recently, One Fair Wage reported an 83% decrease in tips and for an industry whose quality of life depends on those tips, that percentage is staggering.

Big Table is working to provide support, food, and essential items to those in need. Additionally, it is the ONLY non-profit in the entire country whose focus is to provide triage care and crisis support for restaurant and hospitality employees within the community. Big Table responds personally and effectively to circumvent the continuing decline of any given circumstance. Once stabilized, ongoing coaching and support is offered to those in need, providing accountability, encouragement, housing assistance, and sometimes even a new car! These at risk community members and workers have come to need the help of Big Table more than ever.

Additionally, in salute to their namesake, Big Table holds a dinner four times a year hosting 48 employees from across the food and beverage industry complete with a seven course meal! Cooks, waiters, bartenders alike are invited to dine lavishly at one grand table, sized perfectly  to accommodate all of their guests, allowing for an ambience that symbolizes the family they are. 

Mainline is committed to continuing our efforts to help support this worthy cause.

Visit Big Table to learn how you can help