Umbrella Insurance

What is it and when do you need it?

Picture this – A customer slips and injures themselves on your business premises, they claim you were negligent in providing a safe environment. Inevitably, you could be financially liable to pay for any or all damages. A claim like this can be detrimental for a business owner, but now you can rest assured with your Umbrella Insurance coverage through Mainline.

What is umbrella insurance?

An umbrella policy typically provides coverage for liability and defense costs outside of your standard policy. Umbrella policies cover what primary insurance excludes as well as additional coverage beyond the limits set in your primary policy. Please note, an umbrella policy is not a stand alone insurance and works in conjunction with your current plan.

Ensure you’re protected in a variety of liability related situations including bodily or personal injury, property damage, and legal expenses related to any covered lawsuit. For example, if an employee of a landscaping company accidentally causes bodily injury to two bystanders while on the job and the company is found liable for a total $1.5 Million dollars. Although their general liability coverage is for $1 Million, they can rely on their umbrella policy to pay for the remaining debt allowing them to get back to business as usual faster.

Get help with:

  •      • Legal Costs
  •      • Medical bills
  •      • Damage to other people’s property
  •      • Judgments and settlements

What doesn't it cover?

Umbrella policies do not cover physical property damage. This means that damage to your own business or vehicle would not be covered by your umbrella insurance. For example if a burglar steals property from your business, someone vandalizes your vehicle fleet, or your roof sustains damage due to a hail storm, umbrella policies will not cover those expenses. To ensure you have the coverage you need, visit our auto and property insurance page. Questions about what your Mainline Insurance Umbrella Policy covers, ask an agent.

Who needs umbrella insurance?

Unfortunately we live in a highly litigious society in the US, a single lawsuit can wipe out years of hard work and potentially devastate your business. Don’t find yourself in an impossible situation. Mainline Insurance will find you the best coverage to suit your needs, saving you time and hassle

Let Mainline Insurance help give you peace of mind as you go about working hard. Get a Quote Now